Upgrading RAD 6.0 Manually

RAD products are getting bulkier with every release, it is not feasible to do an online update of RAD as most of us have a limited or slow bandwidth atleast here in India.

Following steps can be used to updated RAD, The example provided in this post is to upgrade RAD 6.0 to RAD 6.0.1.

1. Download two zip files from IBM FTP site.

Download this to upgrade from RAD 601 to 6011

1. First extarct rad60_6011.zip to a temp directory
2. Navigate to Start > Programs > IBM Rational > Rational Product Updater and Click Preferences > Update Sites.
3. Select the file extracted in Step 1, \rad\policy_60_6011.xml
4. Click on find Updates button. This step should upgrade your RAD from localy extracted Zip file on Step 1.

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