Configuring WCS 6 Toolkit with Oracle

This is the second part of my blog on how to configure oracle with WCS toolkit.
Please refer to the blog titled "WebSphere Commerce Version 6 Developer Toolkit Configuration with Oracle Database " for the intial part of this Blog topic.

Configuring Oracle toolkit was quite simple. make sure you have your RAD closed. with version 6, IBM had made some changes to setdbtype command, it will now prompt you in case your toolkit is open and you are trying to run setdbtype command.

C:\IBM\WCDE_ENT70\bin>setdbtype.bat oracle
Your workspace is currently in use. Please exit RAD before running this script.

Run following command to point your toolkit to Oracle instance on your local or remote machine, in this case I'm pointing it to my local machine.

E.g. command

setdbtype.bat oracle C:\oracle\10ghome wcs7 system system1 wcs07 wcs07 1521 createdb

C:\oracle\10ghome - This is my Oracle home directory
wcs7 - This is my DB name.
system and system 1 - The Oracle system username and password.
wcs07 and wcs07 - The oracle username and password for the new commerce schema.

The entire process will take more than 15 minutes. you can track the intallation log from

toolkit_home_directory/logs/setdbtype.log file.
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