Must have additional configuration for WCS Toolkit

These are two must to do steps after installing your WCS toolkit, these steps will ensure better performance of toolkit and all of the admin and starter stores.

1. Increase the default JVM size of the WCS toolkit. (This is only 256 MB by default)
Follow my previous blog to increase this to a desired level.

2. Enable DynaCache.

I have been playing around with Madison sample store on my toolkit, I noticed that it was compiling every single JSP for every individual call to the pages and the performance was very poor.

After some R&D on my toolkit, I figured out these steps to enable DynaCache and improve performance.

1. Log on to WAS Admin console
2. Click on Servers -> Server Types -> WebSphere Application server on the left navigation
3. Click on server1
4. On the right hand side, under Container setting, click on "Container Services" node. the node will open up.
5. click on "Dynamic cache service" under "Container Services" node.
6. On this screen if you see a message "To enable servlet caching, go to Web container settings. "

7. Click on the link and enable caching as shown in the screenshot below.

Restart the server and you will notice that the applications and out of the box admin tools are faster now.
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