WCS 6 Quick Start Links

1. IBM did some major overhauling to the MVC framework in WCS 5.6.1, WCS 6 and later editions comes with Struts framework extensions for WCS.

NOTE: As a result of this URLREG and VIEWREG tables have been removed, this information is now stored using Struts Configuration file.

More Info: Introduction to Struts framework with WCS 6

2. As a result of WCS struts extension, the steps to create new Views and Controllers have changed.
Refer to following links on creating new struts based Views and controllers

3. WebSpehere commerce V6 deployment improvements

Refer to following webcast on WCS V6 deployment improvements.

4. As part of feature pack enhancements for WCS 6 (Feature pack 1, 2, 3, 4), IBM has made following enhancements.

a. WCS Ajax Framework - WCS 6 extends Dojo AJAX framework to provide much of the AJAX functionality out of the box.
you can define any existing controller command as AJAX with a simple entry in struts configuration file.

b. IBM Management Center tool - This is a new web based tool inline with Accelerator, This tool provides more control in catalog management and merchandise functionality for Stores.

Management Center Login Screen.

c. Attribute Dictionary - This is one of the big changes to the datamodel, instead of having duplicate entries in Attribute and Attribute value table for for a catentry and attribute name combination, IBM has now introduced the concept of Attribute dictionary.

For instance if SKU 1 and SKU 2 had an attribute named color, you would have two entries for same attribute name for SKU 1 and SKU 2, as of new version you will only relate a catentry with attribute name id and thus number of records are greatly reduced in attribute and attribute value tables.

For more information on Attribute dictionary refer to Attribute Dictionary.

For more details on enhancement pack updates for WCS 6, please refer to

WCS enhancement pack features

More Links

1. List of supported software for WCS 6
2. Determining what APARS are installed on WCS 6
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