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Finally Got Access To Google Wave

I finally got an invitation from google to join the Google Wave Beta Program.
It was a pleasant surprise to me to access google wave account, there has been so much hype around Google wave and I have heard about people selling the google wave invitations on eBay to make some quick bucks.

So, here are my few cents based on what I have seen so far.

The concept is not very new, it is just like group chat, but google has made group chat more interactive, for instance you can see what others are typing in the chat window, you can quickly share a google map, images from picasa, save a replay your conversation.

Google Wave also provides an API for development of standard widgets and extension of Google WAVE Platform.

Although, I'm not very excited with the existing features, but I'm sure this platform will grow with more feature sets.

I still have few invitations left with me, do leave your email ID in this blog comment in case you need one.
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