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Google Search's new interface

Google is trying out a new version of it's popular search engine interface google.com.
although it can not be accessed directly, you can follow simple steps to load the new search interface.

1. Go to google.com
2. Enter following (code as shown below) in  browser URL and hit enter, now type google.com on the URL and hit enter again.

javascript:void(document.cookie="PREF=ID=20b6e4c2f44943bb:U=4bf292d46faad806:TM=1249677602:LM=1257919388:S=odm0Ys-53ZueXfZG;path=/; domain=.google.com");

3. You should be able to view the new interface, you can continue to load new browser windows and point them to google.com and they all should be using new google.com interface.

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