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Zero Catentry ID

The base installation of WCS will have one entry in CATENTRY table, with catentry_id=0
it is extremely important that this record is never deleted as it has associated dependencies on some of the default attribute values and the way product display functionality works.

DISPENTREL table holds the page names used to display CatalogEntries. the product display page will throw an exception if there is no entry in the DISPENTREL table that matches the given criteria when trying to display the product. we should either add an entry for each product catentry (CATENTRY_ID) in the catalog for a given store, or define a default entry for all categories with CATENTRY_ID = 0 if they will all share the same JSP file.

in general for most of the implementation we do not use multiple UI display templates for the product display pages, and site wide one standard JSP template will render the product display, hence by during store publishing process we will have 4 records for a given store mapped to the zero catentry id for four different types of catentry.


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