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Google blocks custom chrome extensions

Google sighted security as the main driver behind this, but on the forums you can already read tech. enthusiast ranting against google forcing everyone to host the plugin on Google store through this trick.

I think there is some merit in the security concern, however, Google could have included an option for the users to opt-in to install custom extensions, with the latest security update they have closed the doors for custom extensions that could have been previously distributed outside of a chrome store.

I think a lot of intranet chrome extensions fall in this category. why would a company like to host something on chrome store if the extension was meant to be used within the organization for intranet usage.

Anyways knowing what Google is we are left with limited options for custom extensions.

Option 1: Host your extension on Google chrome store :)

Option 2: Uninstall the extension and re-install through a simple drag and drop of the crx file, the extension will work until you close and reopen your browser again

Option 3: Switch to Firefox extensions :)

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