WebSphere Commerce Administration Tools

I was browsing through the information center the other day to get a dummies view of all supporting tools that WCS provides, did not really find one, most of the information was in bits and pieces, from WCS 5.6 to WCS 7, there have been many new additions to provide better control over your WCS investment :)

Although I am not so happy with the multiple tools offered for WCS as it makes decision making more difficult, and I also noticed lot of functions overlapping across the tool, I hope in some future release IBM will consolidate all of these and provide one simple Administration Tooling interface to the customers.

I tried to put together this pictorial representation of tools currently available in the latest version.
I do not intend to provide a detailed explanation on each of them as they have been documented in detail by IBM, the links provided for each tool should be a good starting point for someone who is very new to the WCS world.

1. Sales Center - Targeted at CSR
2. Management Center - New generation tool, added after version 6.0, overlaps a lot with Accelerator functionality, the Management center UI is OpenLaszlo based, I personally felt that this tool was too slow as compared to Accelerator
3. Accelerator - Catalog Management, promotions and certain other store admin functionalities.
4. Org Admin Console - Creating B2B Organization, Users, Assigning Roles to Users.
5. Admin Console - Store publishing and few other Admin features.
6. Workspace Admin - Content management is achieved through the use of workspaces
7. Gift Center - Gift registry solution for WCS
8. Configuration Manager - Available only with server edition, this tool is not available with Developer toolkit, targeted at your store admin, Advanced LDAP configuration, commerce instance creation can be performed using this tool.

In my future posts I hope to take deep dive into each one of these tools, the very first tool which I'm currently exploring is Management Center , so you can see more blog on Management Center from me.
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