WebSphere Commerce V7 Announcement

The much awaited announcement from IBM on V7 was made on Oct 27th.
WebSphere Commerce V7 Announcement

IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 Highlights

I think right now the software is available only for partners. I have been playing around with V7 since it's beta release as part of IBM business partner.

I believe this is a major release after V5.6.1,  some of the Quick updates on V7 are as follows. My first impression with V7 was that it has now grown as a serious player in eCommerce world, and Iam sure this release is going to make ATG run for it's money (probably the only tough competitor for WCS).

1. V7 Developer toolkit now comes with embedded in memory Apache Derby database, the embedded cloudscape database has been discontinued. This was supposed to happen as IBM discontinued with Cloudscape (IBM announcement on Cloudscape DB)

2. No more payment server concept in WCS, this has been replaced with payment subsystem. Developers will now write payment plugin for external payment systems.

3. The toolkit now requires WAS V7 and RAD V7.

4. The Oracle database support now requires Oracle with AL32UTF8 charset instead of UTF8

5. One of the big changes as per me is V7 is very customer centric, it opens up new channels for targeting customers using social networking integration, Dynamic targeted marketing content based on user behavior.

6. New dataload tools, code named as BODL has been introduced, I guess these tools will slowly face out the earlier method of dataload using massload, idresolver.

7. Management center now comes with many more features, this will for sure replace commerce accelerator in future, the management center provides tools to create targeted marketing content based on dynamic user behavior, product management tools etc.

8. Mobile commerce - Provides out of the box support for smart phones, a sample store is provided with the toolkit.

9. Social commerce integration - In simple terms this feature will allow you to show user rating for a product on your store, similarly users can write a comment for a product on the store, I guess the integration is provided through Pluck and Bazaarvoice.

10. Management Center uses OpenLaszlo open source technology.

I'm sure there are many more new features, at the time of writing this post I have explored only the ones listed above, I hope to provide a detailed explanation on few of the new feature in my future posts.
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