Configuring WCS V7 toolkit basecache with eXtreme Scale Cache Provider - Part 1

In this two part series I would like to share my experience configuring WCS with extreme scale, in Part 1 we will look at eXtreme scale client installation and in part-2 I will cover the extreme scale server side installation and integration of WCS with extreme scale as cache provider.

I don't intend to talk about benefits of eXtreme Scale server, you may go through the links in "Reference link" section to learn more about eXtreme Scale.
In case you are installing eXtreme Scale server we need to upgrade the toolkit WAS version to and above.
By default you will not notice “WebSphere eXtreme Scale cache provider” under Dynamic Cache service option of WAS, we will have to install the eXtreme Scale Client on top of existing WAS installation to add support for eXtreme scale as cache provider.

Before you start the installation ensure that the sever profiles which will be augmented are not running.
By default installer will select the WCS V7 which is used by developer toolkit.

Select the client option as we want to augment the WAS profile being used by toolkit to support eXtreme Scale as cache provider.

Select both the profiles as shown in this screenshot

Finally you should see something similar which confirms successful installation of the client portion of WXS.

Validate the WAS profile to be sure it shows up eXtreme Scale as a cache provider, start the WCS test server from toolkit and navigate to WAS admin console.

In the server startup logs you should be able to see following highlighted lines, this indicates that the WAS profile has been successfully augmented with WXS Client.

************ Start Display Current Environment ************
WebSphere Platform [BASE cf191132.09][WXS a1146.72072] running with process name localhost\localhost\server1 and process id 3160

Reference Links

Extended Cache Monitor for eXtreme Scale

eXtreme Scale Infocenter

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