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Modifying ports for WC Test Server

There may be instances when you would like to modify the default ports used by commerce toolkit or commerce server, here is a short blog on how this can be achieved, I prefer option 1 which requires simple edit of configuration file, in an environment with webservers you will have to generate and propogate the plugin file from app server to webservers.
Option 1
Make changes by directly editing the configuration file which stores information about ports

Change the value of port to a desired value, save the file and restart server

<specialEndpoints xmi:id="NamedEndPoint_1183121908101" endPointName="WC_adminhost_secure">
      <endPoint xmi:id="EndPoint_1183121908101" host="*" port="9043"/>
    <specialEndpoints xmi:id="NamedEndPoint_1183121908102" endPointName="WC_defaulthost_secure">
      <endPoint xmi:id="EndPoint_1183121908102" host="*" port="443"/>

Option 2

Make changes from WAS admin console as shown in screenshots below, save your changes and restart test server.

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