Feature Pack 5 Upgrade

Feature Pack 5 for WCS V7 was released end of June 2012. I tried this upgrade at least twice on two of my machines and had to hit two common issues, so I decided to document my experience on this blog entry.

1. Make sure you are on the latest and greatest FIX PACK level, which is WCS Fix Pack 6 as of this writing. Once downloaded you can install it using IBM installation manager.


2. Download Feature pack 5 from Passport advantage or Software access catalog, this is not a free access and you would need to use you company account which has an existing agreement with IBM.

3. While installing the feature pack, I had selected "Enable All Feature" on the last screen of Installation Manager, the installation went on fine, but was stuck at 99% complete for hours together, I then repeated the installation with Just CMC and Foundation features selected and the results were no different.

I then decided to do installation without any features selected and this time the installation went on fine. I'm not sure if it was just me, but it happened twice with my installation on two different machines.

Once the installation is complete, you can make use of "enableFeatures" script to enable required features from the command prompt. This technique worked fine for me. I enabled foundation and CMC from command prompt as follows

enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=foundation
enableFeature.bat -DfeatureName=management-center

4. Once the installation was complete, and required features were enabled, I went on to launch my toolkit and immediately noticed build errors with LOBTools project.

To rectify the issue I first checked following file to make sure my LOBTools was compiling at the appropriate Flash Level , which is Flash 10 as of Feature pack 2.

Check following file LOBTools\WebContent\WEB-INF\.settings\.olsettings and make sure that following entry has flashlevel value of 10
<flashlevel value="swf10"/> , if not make sure you edit this file and change it to swf10.

Now Close RAD and run following from command prompt.

SDP_DIR/eclipse.exe -clean

This step will take a while and prompt you to select a workspace, make sure you select the WCS workspace, once the toolkit is load do a complete clean and build and this should fix the issues with LOBTools Project.

Overall there were not too many issues with this upgrade as compared to some of the previous feature packs.
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