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WCS V7 Toolkit on Windows 8

I have a new desktop built with all new Windows 8 OS, I went through standard steps of installing WCS V7 toolkit and it installed like a gem.

...so the word is out, Yes it works on Windows 8!! here is a quick log of installation steps.
Here is a tantalizing view of WIN 8 with WC Toolkit.

1. Install installation Manager 1.5.2
2. Install RAD 7.5.4
3. Update to RAD 7.5.5
4. Update to RAD
5. Install WAS 7 test environment

While installing WAS make sure you don't select a profile name as shown below.
WAS profile will be created when we install commerce development toolkit

6. Update WAS 7 test environment to (Don't select any feature packs)
7. Install WCS V7 commerce toolkit
8. Update WCS toolkit with fix pack 6
9. Update WCS toolkit with feature pack 5

Launch toolkit and njoy it on WIN 8!!!



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