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WAS 7 installation on CentOS 6.2 or Redhat

Step 1:
sudo vi /etc/hosts
Ensure it has an entry for IP to hostname lookup
E.g. I have following entry on my system   hari-centos-vm  localhost

Step 2: Create a non root user for managing WAS
$groupadd wasuser
$useradd -g wasuser -G nobody -d /home/wasuser wasuser

Add newly create wasuser to sudo list, this way we can sudo root commands as wasuser

Edit sudoer file as follows
$sudo visudo
Add following line towards the end of the file

Change ownership of the installation folder to wasuser

$ sudo chown -R wasuser:wasuser /opt/IBM/WebSphere/
$ sudo chown -R wasuser:nobody /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/

Step 3:
Login to system as wasuser

You may either use a graphical or silent installation mode, following steps are for silent mode.
We will first create an input file "responsefile.nd.txt" for silent mode with following values.

This configuration creates two profiles DMGR and another with a managed node, the managed node is federated into the cell.

-OPT silentInstallLicenseAcceptance="true"
-OPT disableOSPrereqChecking="true"
-OPT installType="installNew"
-OPT profileType="none"
-OPT disableOSPrereqChecking="true"
-OPT checkFilePermissions="true"
-OPT allowNonRootSilentInstall="true"
-OPT feature=”noFeature”
-OPT disableNonBlockingPrereqChecking="true"
-OPT installLocation="/opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer"
-OPT PROF_enableAdminSecurity="false"
-OPT cimSelected="true"

$./install -options "responsefile.nd.txt" -silent

Validate log files at following location
$tail -100f /home/wasuser/waslogs/log.txt
Last line in the log file should indicate a SUCCESS message as follows

(Dec 24, 2012 7:43:53 PM), Process, com.ibm.ws.install.ni.ismp.actions.ISMPLogSuccessMessageAction, msg1, INSTCONFSUCCESS

Step 4:

Apply WAS fixpack

Important: While running update installer Switch user as root

Download and copy the WAS fix pack to

Run update installer and select the pack file to install the fix pack

Step 5:

Run versioninfo command to validate if fix pack was applied properly.

You should see something similar towards the end of versioninfo.sh command output.

Installed Product
Name                     IBM WebSphere Application Server - ND
ID                       ND
Build Level              cf251235.04
Build Date               8/30/12
Architecture             Intel (32 bit)

Step 6:

We should be all set to launch the DMGR server now, start the server as wasuser created in step 2


Validate by logging on to WAS admin console

Start the server1 nodeagent as follows

Now we should be able to control server1 from DMGR, try to start and stop the server from DMGR WAS Admin Console

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