WCS V7 Feature Pack 2 Upgrade

I was trying to install WebSphere Commerce Developer Feature Pack 2 with Installation Manager, but I was running into following error:
Package IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer Feature Pack and Rational Application developer for Websphere software cannot coexist in the same package group.

Error Screenshot:

After days of struggle, I finally got enlightened after reading through following link and realized the linkage between fix pack and feature pack upgrades.

In summary, the dependency for WCS V7 feature pack upgrades on V7 Fix Packs is as follows.
V7 feature pack 2 -> Dependent on V7 fix pack 2
V7 feature pack 3 -> Dependent on V7 fix pack 3
V7 feature pack 4 -> Dependent on V7 fix pack 5

Please do ensure you are at the right fix pack level before upgrading to a feature pack.

Sequence of Installation using Installation Manager for upgrading to V7 Feature Pack 2:
1. RAD 7.5.4
2. RAD 7.5.5
3. RAD (Not a mandatory step, you can directly upgrade RAD to any level above 7.5.5)
4. WAS Test 7.0
5. WAS Test (Any level at / above should be fine)
6. WCS V7 toolkit V7.0.0.0
7. WCS V7 Fix Pack 2 (WCS V7 fixpack enables support for V7 feature pack2, hence it is mandatory to upgrade to fix pack 2 before upgrading to feature pack 2.)
8. WCS V7 Feature Pack 2

Reference link:

WCS Commerce Fix Pack:

WCS Commerce developer software requirement:

WebSphere Application Server V7.0 Fix Pack 11 for Windows:

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