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WCS Feature Pack 6 Upgrade

1. su - root
2. Upgrade WAS/IHS and Plugin fix pack level to
Refer "Recommended fixes and settings for WebSphere Commerce Version 7" for further details

Download WAS for your os version from here

upgrade IHS, Plugin and WAS using filent install files
<WAS_UPDATE_INSTALLER>/update.sh -options "/home/wasuser/git/wcs_scripts/install_files/ihs.update.response.txt" -silent
<WAS_UPDATE_INSTALLER>/update.sh -options "/home/wasuser/git/wcs_scripts/install_files/plg.update.response.txt" -silent
<WAS_UPDATE_INSTALLER>/update.sh -options "/home/wasuser/git/wcs_scripts/install_files/was.update.response.txt" -silent

The install files used of this upgrade can be cloned from my git project locate here

Check the output from <WC_HOME>/bin/versionInfo.sh to validate upgrade was successful

Name                     IBM WebSphere Application Server - ND
ID                       ND
Build Level              cf271250.01
Build Date               12/13/12
Architecture             AMD (64 bit)

2. For GUI install refer this section
Here are the steps to install on developer toolkit

3. Silent install can be used to upgrade server environment.

/WC_V7.0_-_FEP6_FOR_MP_ML/server/install -options /media/sf_linux_share/WC_V7.0_-_FEP6_FOR_MP_ML/server/responsefile.txt -silent -is:javaconsole

Check the output from <WC_HOME>/bin/versionInfo.sh to validate upgrade was successful

Installed Product
Name                     IBM WebSphere Commerce
ID                       wc.fep6
Build Level              130322dev
Build Date               22/03/13

3. Restart DMGR, node agents and WCS instance to validate your instance.

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